Doke   Tea   Estate

From a small farm with a big heart, Doke Tea is all about the pleasure of handcrafted tea.


Meet the Doke Team

Rajiv Lochan

Rajiv Lochan, founder of Doke Tea, is a visionary. He is brimming with ideas for tea, the tea industry, the culture surrounding tea and endless

Vivek Lochan

Vivek grew up in the shadow of the greatest mountain range of the world, the Himalayas. The many cities, towns and villages that comprise the huge

Neha Lochan

The middle child in the Lochan family, Neha has taken on a wide variety of duties and she is exploring several developments for Lochan Tea. Born in


We’re all about tea. It’s an obsession.


Doke Black Fusion

With strong amber notes we can discover a bitter - sweet taste which gives a pronounced personality


Doke Green Diamond

This hand-rolled green tea is made up of beautiful, fluffy green leaves. The liquor is slightly


Doke Silver Needle

The Doke Silver Needle White Tea shows how this family run garden is constantly innovating


Tea is our life. Let us share it with you.

Our mission at Doke Tea is to bring you teas that are unique in flavor and quality. Something that causes you to pause a moment to wonder and marvel at the delicious, comfortable experience it gives you. Our business philosophy at Doke is one that is first and foremost ecologically friendly to the air, the water, the soil, the animals, and most of all to the people who work and live on the land.

Our business model is one that demands we stay close to our customers and that we collaborate and support other small tea farmers. We are committed to working steadily to perfect our products so that you can comfortably look forward to each and every new product we share with you..


The face of Doke is in our family and our workers


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Short Introduction to Doke Tea Estate

Pre First Flush 2017 at Doke.

A quite, early summer evening at Doke in Bihar, India.



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